spring clean

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I like considering how when we are extremely busy we are forced to prioritize the things in our daily life.  Sleep is something that ranks high on my list and I am always amazed by and jealous of people who only need a minimum amount of sleep and can still function at their best.  Without sleep I feel drained and overall sensitized to trivial things.  I have been photographing my bed in the morning when I wake up to see if there is something to be revealed in the patterns my body creates within the sheets at night, night after night…hopefully this work will be featured in a show coming up during a university wide show @ Parsons in may.  I am imagining long strips of these images, revealing just how unique each night of sleep can be.



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sometimes you just need time to look at things…time and space for viewing.  lately i feel like i am too close to everything and i need the space to take a step back and look.  look at what im doing and try to assess my own progress.  i recognize that i need my images to be satisfying visually for me.  and above all FOR me.  but of course, to connect with another viewer through this personification into images is the ideal.


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i dont know where this is going…but i am attempting to push my work to a higher yet more intimate space.  i believe that there is a psychology in the way we dress ourselves as well as our space.  and that clothing is a means of armor, as protection and as a way of inducing bravery.  i have things that i desire in my life and i feel that looking at my clothes, the most intimate of pieces, is a way of revealing these desires in all their weighty confusion…


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i want to be a dream architect.


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governor’s island, ny.


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this week im truly feeling the “so over” state of mind…school has started for the summer and my lack of motivation, though honestly more of a lack of desire, is daunting.  we get studios for the summer which is a huge plus and something ive been looking forward to, but i havent even been back in new york a week and the people surrounding me have already proved exhausting once again.  what i really feel is that i need to make a change in myself, within myself, to be able to overcome the things that i find dissatisfying in my current conditions.  i am in a constant mental conversation with myself about how i could handle certain situations differently, not for those other people, but for myself…to make my own life happier and more authentic.  i often let new york take too much of myself away from me, when i should be enriching my sense of self in a place that is magically diverse.  my mother always celebrated my ability for patience but i fault myself for only having patience for certain people/situations.  i am determined to find the patient, elegant, compassionate me.


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the joy of bubbles!

the joy of home.

the joy of being outside in the green green grass.

the feeling of finding myself in the places behind me.